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What are ChainEX Address Books and How to use them?

Last Updated 3 months ago

The ChainEX address book is a function that allows the ChainEX users to store and save multiple cryptocurrency wallet addresses and bank accounts for more efficient and faster crypto and ZAR withdrawals.

The ChainEX Address Books are fairly easy to use and operate.

In order to use the address books, Please make use of these easy to follow steps:

  1. On the ChainEX Balance page, Identify which Crypto or Fiat Currency you wish to withdraw and click on withdraw.
  2. On the withdrawal page, click on the address book icon, this is a little book next to the address field.
  3. Next, you will see a button that says "ADD NEW" which allows you to add any new wallet address/bank accounts to your address books. To add a new wallet address/bank account to your address books, you will click the "ADD NEW" button, fill out all the required information and click save.
  4. Your wallet address/bank account will then be added to your address book.

On the crypto address books, you will see “Recent Unsaved Addresses”, this is where you can find all the wallet addresses you have previously successfully withdrawn to and which are currently not saved in your address book. You can make use of these wallet addresses by clicking the little arrow icon and/or you can save them in your address books by clicking the plus icon next to the wallet address.

Please note that when adding a wallet address/bank account to an address book, you do have the option of making it a "trusted" account. When withdrawing to a trusted account, you are not required to enter your 2FA or complete the email confirmation process when placing a withdrawal. When adding a trusted account, you are required to enter your password, 2FA, and complete a trusted account confirmation process via email (Please make sure that all the information is 100% correct).

Please note that even though you have confirmed via email, a trusted address has a pending period of 24 hours before it becomes a trusted address.

There you go, What are ChainEX address books and how to use them.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the ChainEX Address books, please watch this video, over here.

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