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What is Instant Trading and how to use them?

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Firstly, What is Instant Trading?

Instant Trading is a function that allows ChainEX users to BUY and SELL Crypto and Fiat currency immediately upon making a deposit by using Market Orders*

Instant Trading is designed to make trading on ChainEX even faster and easier for all users.

How to use Instant Trading

Using Instant Trading is very easy and simple to do, you will need to navigate to the deposit page of the currency you wish to deposit. On this deposit page, below your deposit details, you will see a section called “Instant Trade on Deposit”. In that section, you will click the button that says “Enable Instant Trade”.

When this button is clicked, the Instant Trading settings will appear, this is where you will provide more detail regarding your Instant Trade.

By using the “Select Action on Deposit Clearance” dropdown, you will select whether you wish to BUY or SELL.

You will then select which coin you would like to BUY or SELL for from the “Select coin to trade” dropdown.

You will then click on “Enable Instant Trade”. An Instant Trade confirmation page will be displayed. If you are happy with the details and information you have selected, then click on “Enable Instant Trade”.

Your Instant trade will now be set up, all you need to do now is to make your deposit. Once your deposit is cleared, your Instant Trade will take effect.

Here is an example of Instant Trading (step-by-step

You would like to buy some Bitcoin as soon as your ZAR deposit is cleared and reflecting in your account.

  1. On ChainEX, you will navigate to the ZAR deposits page.
  2. Below the ChainEX ZAR deposit details, you will click on “Enable Instant Trading”.
  3. In the “Select Action on Deposit Clearance” dropdown, select BUY.
  4. In the “Select coin to trade” dropdown, select BTC
  5. Click on “Enable Instant Trading”.
  6. On the Instant Trade confirmation page, click on “Enable Instant Trading”.
  7. Instant trading is now set up.
  8. You will then make a ZAR deposit*
  9. Once your ZAR deposit is cleared, by using Market Orders, the Instant Trade will take effect and your BTC will be bought for the amount of ZAR that was deposited in your account.

*What are Market Orders?

*How to make a ZAR deposit?

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