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How do I log a support ticket? What information should I include?

Last Updated 2 months ago

Firstly, go to the ChainEX website. Next, click on Support in the top right corner next to Sign In and Sign Up. Once you are in the ChainEX Support Portal, click on New Support Ticket. Provide all the necessary information so the ChainEX Support Agents can assist you with your issue.

Another option is to navigate to on your browser. At the bottom right of every page, you will see the Support Icon (a headphone), click this icon."Contact Support" will be displayed. Enter the necessary information relevant to your query/issue in the fields provided and then click on "Create Ticket".

To log a support ticket for the ChainEX support agents, click here.

Please take a look at this YouTube video for more information - How to log a support ticket on ChainEX

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