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How do I deposit ZAR?

Last Updated 2 years ago

It’s easy to make a ZAR deposit from your local bank account by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate and log into
  2. Navigate to the balance page by clicking "Balance" on the top right
  3. On the Balance page, identify your ZAR wallet.
  4. Under “Action” there are four different icons. Select the first icon - “deposit” (a Bitcoin with a down arrow).
  5. ChainEX's banking details and your unique reference will be displayed.
  6. Next, you will need to perform an EFT using the details from the previous step.
  7. Log in to your online banking.
  8. On your internet banking, use the ChainEX deposit details (as shown in Step 6), to create a Deposit.
  9. Once you have performed the EFT, you will receive an email notification as soon as your ZAR deposit has been processed.

Once you have deposited your ZAR, it will take a maximum of two business days to reflect in your ChainEX ZAR wallet.

PLEASE NOTE - Ensure that you use the correct reference (from step 6) when performing the EFT.

PLEASE NOTE: Banking charges incurred on ZAR cash deposits made to ChainEX will be deducted from the amount allocated to your ZAR wallet

Please watch this YouTube video for more information - How to make a ZAR deposit on ChainEX

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