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How do I invite users using my referral code?

Last Updated 3 years ago

When you sign up on the ChainEX platform, we will automatically assign a unique referral code to your user account. When you share this code and somebody else signs up, all rewards will be allocated via this code to identify who signed up under your user. There are several ways to refer others. Once you are logged in, navigate to the referral page by selecting “Referrals” in the dropdown menu under your user name in the top right corner.

Once you open the Referral page, you will see the following:

  1. Your unique referral code
  2. Your unique sign uplink. You can copy this link and share it with anyone by providing them with the link.
  3. Add email addresses of the people you want to invite to ChainEX. We will send an invitation email to the email addresses you specified. All the recipient needs to do is click on the invite link and it will take them to the sign-up page with the referral code pre-populated.
  4. Via a share link on either Twitter or Facebook. Anyone that can see your Twitter and Facebook feeds can click on the share link and it will take them to the sign-up page with your referral code prepopulated

To learn more about how the referral program works, click here

Please watch this YouTube video for more information - ChainEX Referral Program

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