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How do I link my bank account for Fiat currency withdrawals?

Last Updated 2 years ago

To withdraw Fiat currency from your ChainEX account, you need to link the bank account to where your withdrawals will be transferred. Once you link your bank account, it will go through an automatic verification process which, in conjunction with your verification level, will determine your withdrawal limit.

To link and verify your bank account, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate and log into
  2. Identify your ZAR wallet and select the withdraw icon (Bitcoin with an up arrow)
  3. If you have not yet enabled your 2 Factor Authenticator (2FA), you would be required to do so first. If you are not sure what 2 Factor Authentication is then please click here for more information.  
  4. Click on "Enable 2FA" and follow the steps.
  5. Enter your bank account details in the fields provided
  6. Select “Link account”

Your bank account has now been linked and it will be in the process of being verified. You will receive the results via email within 48 hours.

Please watch this YouTube video for more information - How to make a ZAR withdrawal on ChainEX

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