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How to use Quick Buy and Sell?

Last Updated 4 years ago

If you are not sure how to use the Quick Buy and Sell feature, then follow this simple step-by-step tutorial below.

In this tutorial, I will be using the example of buying 1 Ethereum with Bitcoin.

  1. Navigate and log in to
  2. Navigate to the Balance page by selecting "Balances" on the top right.
  3. Identify which of the four currencies you would like to Buy or Sell, on top of the Balances page. In this tutorial, I will be purchasing Ethereum, so I will look for the ETH card.
  4. Select Buy.
  5. Once you have clicked buy, you will notice that there are two drop-down menus displaying two coins, for the purpose of this tutorial, the first should be ETH and the second should be BTC.
  6. Within the "BUY" field, enter the value 1. That is the amount of ETH we would like to purchase.
  7. Within the "WITH" field, you will notice that the value has changed. That will be the estimated amount of BTC you will us to purchase 1 ETH.
  8. Click the Buy button below the input.
  9. Once you have clicked Buy, a confirmation will be loaded.
  10. Ensure that you are satisfied with the values/information shown on the confirmation loaded.
  11. If you are satisfied, select the "Yes" button on the confirmation.
  12. Once you have clicked "Yes", the amount specified will automatically be bought from the ETH/BTC market against the best-placed orders which currently exist.

For more information on What is Quick Buy and Sell, click here.

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