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What does my profile verification level mean?

Last Updated 7 months ago

Depending on the profile verification steps completed, your ChainEX profile may be on one of three levels. The levels range from Level 0 (No verification completed) to Level 2 (Fully verified). There are restrictions on each level regarding trading and requirements before they can be reached.

The table below outlines the requirements and restrictions on each level:

Level NameSubmission RequirementsTrading Restrictions
Level 0First name

Last name

2 BTC daily digital currency withdrawal

15 BTC monthly digital currency withdrawal

No ZAR and USDT deposits or withdrawals

No ZAR and USDT market trading

Level 1Verified mobile number0 ZAR equivalent digital withdrawal limit

0 ZAR fiat withdrawal limit

Level 2Verified ID or Passport document

Photo of yourself

Address details and Proof of Residence

R1 000 000 ZAR daily currency withdrawal

100 BTC daily digital currency withdrawal

 Level 2 limits:

Please note that any unconfirmed withdrawals will be deducted from your daily withdrawal limits for level 2 verification even if the withdrawals were not initiated on the current date. Only processed withdrawals on dates that are not the current date will be excluded from your daily limit

For a step-by-step guide on how to verify your account, see the tutorial here.

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