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How will my fees be deducted?

Last Updated 9 months ago

ChainEX collects fees on withdrawals and trades made on our system. Each market pair and coin has its own set fee for each of these actions which can be viewed here.

Trading fees are automatically calculated and added when placing a buy or sell order, once the placed order has been matched the fee will be transferred to ChainEX and the rest of the order to the user who matched your order, e.g. if you place a buy order for 1 BTC at a fee of 0.25%, the net total of the order would be 1.25 BTC.

When processing withdrawals the fee will also be calculated and displayed as the total amount being transferred, once the withdrawal is confirmed and successfully processed the specified amount plus the fee will be deducted from your wallet balance, e.g. if you withdraw 1 Bitcoin at a fee of 0.00044BTC, the net amount withdrawn from your wallet will be 1.00044BTC.

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