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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I buy digital currency using Fiat currency or ZAR?  
  2. How do I cancel an active order?  
  3. How do I deposit digital currency?  
  4. How do I deposit ZAR?  
  5. How do I disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?  
  6. How do I enable an Application Program Interface (API)?  
  7. How do I enable desktop notifications from ChainEX?  
  8. How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?  
  9. How do I generate a Wallet?  
  10. How do I invite users using my referral code?  
  11. How do I link my bank account for Fiat currency withdrawals?  
  12. How do I log a support ticket?  
  13. How do I log in?  
  14. How do I place a buy or sell order?  
  15. How do I reach a specific market?  
  16. How do I reactivate my account?  
  17. How do I reactivate my blocked account?  
  18. How do I specify the market I want to see as a default?  
  19. How do I temporarily disable my account?  
  20. How do I track my open tickets?  
  21. How do I verify my account on ChainEX?  
  22. How do I view the balance of my wallets?  
  23. How do I withdraw my digital currency as Fiat currency?  
  24. How do I withdraw my digital currency to another wallet?  
  25. How to cancel an Accumulation or Distribution Order  
  26. How to enable Desktop Notifications on a specific browser?  
  27. How to execute a trade?  
  28. How to list a new coin on ChainEX  
  29. How to place a Market Order?  
  30. How to place an Accumulation or Distribution Order  
  31. How to sign up for ChainEX  
  32. How to unlink my bank account?  
  33. How to use Quick Buy and Sell?  
  34. How to use Scaled Orders?  
  35. How to use Stop/Stop Limit Orders?  
  36. My Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is not working, how do I fix this?  
  37. What if I forgot my password?  

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