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General FAQ regarding ChainEX's functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I deposit Fiat currency via a debit or credit card?  
  2. Can I submit a new digital currency for trading on ChainEX?  
  3. Distribution and Accumulation order examples  
  4. How do I buy Digital Currency?  
  5. How do I change my payment information and account details?  
  6. How do I deposit Fiat currency into ChainEX?  
  7. How Do I Disable My 2FA or Fund PIN?  
  8. How do I keep my wallets safe?  
  9. How do I receive my referral reward fees?  
  10. How do I verify my identity?  
  11. How does ChainEX use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?  
  12. How does the ChainEX referral program work?  
  13. How to Download My Transaction History  
  14. How will my fees be deducted?  
  15. Is it possible to cancel a deposit or withdrawal?  
  16. What are Accumulation and Distribution orders and how do they work?  
  17. What are ChainEX Address Books and How to use them?  
  18. What are Scaled Orders and How do they work?  
  19. What are scaling fees and how does it work?  
  20. What are Stop/Stop Limit orders and how do they work?  
  21. What Documents are Accepted as Proof of Residence  
  22. What does it mean if my order is pending?  
  23. What fees does ChainEX charge?  
  24. What happens if I forgot my email address?  
  25. What is a deposit?  
  26. What is a Market Order and how to use it?  
  27. What is a withdrawal?  
  28. What is ChainEX and what can it offer me?  
  29. What is CZAR and How to Use it?  
  30. What is Fast Clearing and how to use it?  
  31. What is Fund Pin and How to use it?  
  32. What is Instant Trading and how to use them?  
  33. What is Post Only and How to use it?  
  34. What is profile verification?  
  35. What is Quick Buy and Sell and how do you use it?  
  36. What is the Earn Portal and How to use it?  
  37. What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and why do I need it?  
  38. Where can I find my transaction history?  
  39. Why am I not receiving emails from ChainEX?  
  40. Why are my Withdrawals Blocked?  

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